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Campaign CelebrityDrive4Antcharity

From December 5th 2017 to April 30th 2017, Ant Charity ran a campaign called CelebrityDrive4Antcharity "artisnyetir4Antcharity.” The Campaign aims to help Indonesian children who dropped out of school where the largest donors will be driven around by 12 celebrities: Joe Richard, Ratna Listy, Aline Adita, Anya Dwinov, Ocean Safera, Albert Halim, Beautiful Nic, Michael Tjhandra, Thessa Kaunang , Eveline Ong, William Gomez and our Founder Agustin Ramli also participated in this campaign.



When all donations had been collected, we selected the generous donors who have helped in this campaign. On the 15th, 23rd, 29th and 30th of April 2017, to show our gratitude, Ant Charity gave each donor an opportunity to will be driven around for 1 hour with the celebrity of their choice. In addition, we also invited one of Ant Charity's foster children to join the drive around with the donor. To create a warm atmosphere, the artists talked with the donor and Ant Charity’s foster child, while introducing Ant Charity’s programs.



The donors were so happy to be able to help Indonesian children get back to school and interact with their favourite celebrities, and everything went well.



“It’s a wonderful experience to share with others. And I didn’t expect to be rewarded by having my favourite celebrity drove me around. Especially by the funny and friendly Thessa Kaunang. Thank you Ant Charity team for the opportunity and Thessa for her time." said Ms. Munira, one of the donors in the CelebrityDrive campaign.



Thanks you all the celebrities and donors who have helped in Ant Charity’s campaign. We hope this can be beneficial for the children in need.

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