Our Story

Ant Charity was founded by Agustin Ramli, former Putri Indonesia 2006 finalist in 2008. Ant Charity was started by a small group of people who care about a large group of kids living in poverty. At the end of August 2011, Ant Charity was registered as a charity foundation in Indonesia.



Ant Charity name was inspired by the working ants that reflect a deep philosophical meaning. Ants are insects of strong character who are hard working. They never quit, they having a strong desire to work. Though they are a colony but the ants have different role and skill. They collaborate with each other to reach their common goal— collecting food for the colony. That was a reason for Ant Charity to collaborate with each other to support Indonesian children with all of our stakeholders.


Ant Charity Vision:

We believe we can become an answer for the unfortunate children (children living in the streets) to help them to reach their dreams and to create a future generation of Indonesian children who can compete internationally through educational and health programs by applying the best care system.


Ant Charity Mission:

  • Being a child support for high school dropouts.
  • Giving children formal and non-formal education programs.

  • Improving the children’s nutrition,

  • Being volunteers and donors and spreading the love by material or non-material assistances based on our capabilitiesm,

  • Creating and growing the lovable leader for the bright future.


For the moment, Ant Charity has supported over 300 children in slum areas in Kampung Kandang and Plumpang (North Jakarta), Desa Dawung Gunung Kidul, Desa Klaten Timur, and Jogja (Central of Java), as well as garbage disposal area in Denpasar (Bali), and Toraja, South Sulawesi.


Besides the programs above, we also have existing programs such as: scholarship, English Saturday Class, angklung class, study groups, providing healthy food, vitamins & milk, field trips, performance, providing stationeries, bags, shoes, clean water supply, creating Mini Library and many more. All of the programs are facilitated by Ant Charity staff and our loyal volunteers.


Samudra Safera
Head Of Health

I had been asked so many times by the company who do CSR, why we use “Ant” for Ant Charity because in Indonesia it means the name of an insect (semut).

Yes, …Ants are a symbol of dedication from Ant Charity. We can see, ants are unusually small. They are an insect living with their colony, they cannot live alone. Even though they have small bodies but they can lift things 20 times larger their bodies. Its amazing. 

So Ant Charity, this foundation will not work without support, prayer, and zeal from different parties. Seeing the volunteersenthusiasm, I think about the ants who are always together to complete every mission. They did not ask for part that must be bigger than others. This is a reflection of awesome solidarity from all volunteers and friends who have helped us a lot.

And sometimes there are so many things out of our control but it can be solved magically. I am sure if there is not God’s help and all of your prayers, Ant Charity will not exist.

Thank you friends, families, and partners who still support us morally and materially.

Thank you for your trust and your prayer.

And thank you again for becoming part of Ant Charity.


Keep going on and together let's bring light to the kids!!

Agustin Ramli

Ant Charity Indonesia is a beautiful gift where our team and I are trusted to support ufortunate children in Indonesia.


I really love kids; it started since I was a teacher at non-profit institution. From that moment on my willingness to take care of kids grew stronger; especially for unfortunate children. 


I  thought all of the gifts that God give children are same, whether they come from rich family or not. But one thing that differentiate them is that the children from poor families cannot develop their talents easily, and I felt its so unfair, because all children have the right to grow up, obtain knowledge and be healthy as well so one day they could be the brightest stars.


Within my tight schedules being a TV Announcer and a model, I have a chance to meet many people from various backgrounds; state officials, entrepreneurs, entertainers, even poor kids who need education and knowledge about health. Through my occupation, I keep building up my sense of those kids’ condition and I do believe it was God’s purpose for us to live and to meet with them in slums area.


In the beginning we supported 20 children and now we have almost 1000 children supported in 5 areas in Indonesia (Jakarta, Central Java, Bali, Palu, and Poso). I hope Ant Charity could be the connecting media between the donors and the donation beneficiaries. Not only to be featured on the media but also to become a “school of life” for all of the volunteers and partners to care for each other.


Ant Charity Foundation was inspired by ants that are never tired to work together for one welfare purpose without thinking about who works the most and who works the least. I would invite everyone together to learn from the ants so we could work together bringing about a change for Indonesians future through the children we care for. I believe everyone has a talent it must be useful for others in any possible way.


Lets “Bring lights to the kids”.




Agustin Ramli

Irsan Djunaidi
Head Of Event

"My life is for others."


Ant Charity is filled with crazy, fun, energetic, food-critic-wanna-be’s and the most caring people I have ever known. One of my motto is “ Only a life lived for other sis worth living.” By A. Einstein

Dony Rahardja

I care about the kids


Ant Charity is a social organization to help children. Ant Charity presents colors of life for people living in rural area like Topesino and Dongi-dongi. Ant Charity can be what it is now because all of our volunteers, Donors, and PIC in all regions. Thanks for all of your cooperation for Ant Charity.

Head Of Media

Bring light to the kids is the slogan Ant Charity, I am grateful to be able to take part in the humanitarian program Ant Charity. That our lives bring light or change for childern that we nurture, until the found the bright day a head.

Lai Sin Tju
Advisor Health

Ant charity is a place, where i can channel the desire to help people who need help.
Joined  with ant charity is calling from my heart, because i'm happy if they can be involved directly help childern, especially in health.
they smile is the greatest happiness for me

Selvie Novayanti
Head of Education

As Nelson Mandela once said that education is the most powerful weapon to change the world, it is the mindset I had when I decided to join and work with Ant Charity for we have the same goals which are to help the kids to get a better life by giving them opportunities and providing them a better education as well as health at the same time, and change the world to be a better place. It is a blessing to have witnessed the changes in children's lives for the better over the past seven years and I am so looking forward to seeing some more positive developments in the years ahead. Let's bring light to the kids. 

Our Partners