Corporate Sponsor

We hold many training and meeting to improve the quality of our volunteers and it certainly that activity requires funds. According to this problem, we invite you to participate in this activity because of your support will help for the success of these activities.


These are the activities we have done:


Leadership Training

This training is for Ant Charity's foster children and this activity is held in each area once a year. We hope with this kind or training will help them to have a leadership skill.


New Year Academic Party

New Year Academic Party is hel once a year. It usually held with workshop art competition and distribution of school equipment to start new school year. In this New Year Academic Party, the children are expecting a granting the medals for the children with high achievement, most diligent student, and other achievements.


Training for Volunteer

Ant Charity realize that the existence of volunteer in each region is very important for the success of our program and it wil impact in our foster children development. Hence, we routinly hold the training activities for our volunteers in each region. There are so many activities and they are highly variable, depending on the needs of a volunteer who were in every region.


Volunteer Gathering

Beside of the training, our volunteers have strengthened their solidarity in a volunteer gathering. In this activity, Jakarta staffs usually come to give them the training and also having a fun conversation with them. We hope with this activity, our purpose to improve the quality of our foster children gets better, so that all the program we have done give the maximum results.

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