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10 Indonesian Youths Awarded in Junior Chamber International

A total of 10 outstanding Indonesian youth received an appreciation and were awarded for various categories by Junior Chamber International (JCI). The award was given in the event "Ten Outstanding Young Person Award (TOYP)" at Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel, Jakarta, Saturday (26/8).


Junior Chamber Worldwide or JCI is an active youth community aged between 18 and 40 who are committed to contributing to their home country or international and motivating and inspiring young people.


The list of 10 award recipients TOPY 2017 from Indonesia is:

1. Agustin Ramli (Founder of Ant Charity) for Humanitarian and Voluntary Leadership category

2. Chris John (boxing legend Indonesia) for the Personal Achievement category

3. Joe Taslim (Actor) for the Moral and Environmental Leadership category

4. Zumi Zola (Governor) ambi) for the category Political, Legal, and Governmental

5. Agus H. Yudhoyono for Contribution to Children category, World Peace, and Human Rights

6. Edward Chang (CEO of Quality Technic) for Business, Economic, and Entrepreneurial categories

7. Jonathan Sudharta (Founder of Halodoc) for the Medical Innovation category 8. Kevin Kumala (Environmental Entrepreneur) for the Scientific and Technological Development category

9. Rina Herkiamto (Entrepreneur and Handmade Card Creator) for Cultural Achievement category

10. Olivia Marzuki (CEO of OMG Learning Center & CNN News Anchor) for Academic Accomplishment category


On the same occasion, Chairman of the MPR, Zulkifli Hasan, said the future of a nation or country is in the hands of young people. In the midst of increasingly complex challenges and problems, creative young people will always be born, contributing positively to the nation. In fact, it could be an inspiration for other young people.


Awards are awarded because each of those awarded has a positive impact on humanity and the environment.


"Agustin Ramli Elected as Winner in Humanitarian and / or Voluntary Leadership category. We see the gait of a very extraordinary Agustin Ramli who has been in the realm of social aspects. Her vision and mission are very clear, making her a volunteer in humanity. With this track record Agustin Ramli, who is also the owner of Ant Charity Foundation, will make high reference and value as the winner in the Humanitarian and Voluntary Leadership category. With her background like that, it is very embedded in her, that it is clear that Agustin Ramli has the value of social values of humanity that made her always achieve her vision and mission to date.", said Adith, MC and Entertainment Committee

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