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Ant Charity holds yearly New Academic Year Party to celebrate and welcome the new school year for the foster children, so they have renewed spirits for get through the academic year. As in previous years, Ant Charity also provides stationery and school supplies.
Various awards were also given to the children who made achievements in the previous school year as an appreciation effort. There are 7 award categories, namely:

1. The Best Student in School
2. The Most Diligent Student
3. The Most Well-behaved Student
4. The Best Student in English Saturday Club
5. The Best Student in Tutor Class
6. The Best Student in Music Class
7. The Best Student in Art Class

To further live up this event while assessing children's English and computer skills in a fun way, a Spelling Bee and computer competition were part of the highlights, held one week earlier. Winners were given award certificates and exciting prizes.

This year's celebration was more festive than previous years, because we also celebrated the 7th Ant Charity's anniversary, made more wonderful by performances from the foster children who are talented in dance and hip-hop music.

After 7 years of serving Indonesian children, Ant Charity thanked and gave awards to the partners both corporate and individual, namely Foster Brothers and Sisters, as well as Volunteers who have always been loyal to provide assistance, whether in the form of donations of money or goods, expertise, energy and time.

And in this series of events, we also held a campaign with the slogan #ayosebarkankebaikan with the aim to increase public awareness of the future of Indonesian children. This campaign is supported by Ant Charity partners both corporate and individual as well as some Indonesian celebrities.

Our hope is that the celebration of this year's New Academic Year Party and Ant Charity's 7th Anniversary gave the foster children the motivation towards more knowledge both at school and in every Ant Charity program. And of course we also hope for Ant Charity staff, Volunteers, Foster Brothers, Donors, Celebrities and all parties involved to continue the spirit of creativity and support for Ant Charity to serve and bring light to Indonesian children.

Bring light to the kids.
Come spread the goodness!

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