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Celebrate Indonesian Independence Day LC Tojan, Bali

To celebrate Indonesian Independence day, Ant Charity students in Tojan were invited to participate in the program held in Tojan village on Sunday 16 August 2020. They participated in the green walk while picking the trash at the same time. After that, everyone gathered again in the village hall for the lucky draw, where most of the prizes were received by Ant Charity students. On that occasion, in his speech, kak Domi expressed his gratitude to the committee and the villagers for inviting Ant Charity. As the representative of Ant Charity in Bali, Kak Domi would continue to provide support for programs in Tojan Village by involving the students from Ant Charity. As part of Ant Charity’s support, some of the students from Ant Charity Tojan have been prepared for film making which will start at the end of this month in Tojan village.

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