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On Saturday, January 20, 2018, Ant Charity life center Jakarta was visited by Mr. Tyson James Lynch, the husband of Melanie Ricardo, one of Indonesia celebrities. He visited the Jakarta life center to fill the "CELEBRITY IN THE CLASSROOM" program, a new program in Ant Charity that invites celebrities to involve directly to teach the children at the life center and concern for their future.


That is why Tyson was happy to teach English class at the life center, especially teaching the children in 3rd level (SMP). The children were very excited because they could learn together with a celebrity. Difficulty interacting using English did not discourage them. In addition to learning, Tyson asked them to play "Mr. Tyson Says ". The children should follow Tyson's orders to perform the movements when they heard "Mr. Tyson says ". The game was interesting because the children could also learn English directly from an English native speaker.


Tyson was very pleased to be given the opportunity to teach English to the children at the life center. He was marveled and greatly appreciated what Ant Charity has done. He also thanked the volunteer teachers who have given their time to share knowledge to the children at the life center, also for the donors. Tyson hopes that children in Indonesia can speak English well.


Thank you Tyson for your visit and the lessons given to the children at the life center.


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