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Distribution of groceries, masks, hand sanitizers Dawung Jogja May 2, 2020

On May 2, 2020 precisely at the Dawung Life Center Yogyakarta. We are distributing groceries, hand sanitizers and masks for children at Lc Dawung Yogyakarta.


Praise God with the food, masks and hand sanitizers, children are very blessed. With the conditions being faced by the world, many people in Dawung do not work and they are very hard to find income for the family . We as volunteers are very grateful with the help of donors , the lives of children and families are greatly helped.


Thanks to Mr. Sam Nugroho, Apotik Pintar, Kak Vina and Ant Charity for caring and blessing for the children in Dawung.


Many prayers and hopes that we are all kept away from this covid disease.


Warm greetings from Lc Dawung.

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