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Hair lice is a small parasite found in the human head and is capable of sucking blood in the head. And can also lay eggs in the head, hair lice eggs are usually found in the hair close to the scalp. Surely we all know that these hair lice are very disturbing. In addition to causing health problems, these hair lice also cause discomfort and lack of confidence.


The emergence of lice and eggs in the hair is not merely present, but the appearance of ticks can be caused by various factors. As for some causes of the emergence of ticks such as: The use of a comb: a comb that you use the former lice sufferers indirectly will make the lice eggs stick in your hair. After approximately 8 days the egg lice will hatch and cause the appearance of hair lice. The use of towels: Although most towels are used for the body but if you use a towel from the sufferer kutuan, then it could be contagious to your hair. Rarely take care of hair: lack of maintaining hair hygiene such as shampooing, maintenance, and so on can lead to the appearance of lice. There are still many other objects that cause the appearance of lice on the scalp, such as the patient's hijab, hat, and much more.


We can not underestimate the problem of hair lice, because the hair lice can jump and move from our heads to the heads of others. That way the hair lice can spread the people around us especially those close to us, the family. School-age children are usually the most vulnerable to hair ticks. Consciously or not children are infected through their environment, whether it be family, school or in the environment where they play. Hair lice not only cause itching but will result in a decrease in self-confidence, sleep disorders, and even decreased its academic value. Those exposed to hair lice often get unpleasant reactions from others.


For that Ant Charity invites us all to help families, especially children to be free from the problem of hair lice. There are 500 families in remote areas (Dawung Village, Tojan Village, Sanur, Gilimanuk and Tanah Merah North Jakarta) which we will help to free the lice. By donating Rp 150.000, - per package of flea medical treatment, you have helped one family free from the problem of hair lice. Therefore let's create a healthy, clean, and louse-free Indonesian family. Your help will definitely mean a lot to them.


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