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Inauguration of Tojan Bali Life Center

Sunday, 29 April 2018, was an important moment for Ant Charity Indonesia Foundation. Together with Advan Indonesia @advanindonesia, they finally have inaugurated the life center which was located in Jalan Pura segarabanjar tojan Kanginanpring Blahbatu Gianyar.


Advan as one of the original smartphone brand of Indonesia has the same vision and mission as Ant Charity, which is very concerned about education and intelligence of the nation through its technology that can be felt by all society, "said Aldo Abraham Jacob as Regional Sales Manager Advan East Indonesia.


Until now, there are 2 location of Ant Charity Life centre in Bali. The rest of it are located in Jakarta, Yogyakarta (Dawung Gunung Kidul Village) and in Sulawesi. Ant Charity Tojan Life Center in Gianyar has been around since 9 years ago. But because the place is not worthy in terms of hygiene, both from a non-existent study room, and lack of other facilities, Ant Charity took Advan Indonesia to rebuild this place, so this place can be a proper place for the local children to study


"Advan Indonesia help in development of the building the Life Centre. As for the technology class, they gave smartphone tablets to support the education in Indonesia, especially the children in Tojan," said Agustin Ramli as the Ant Charity Founder. The place that stands on the people's ground, was followed by about 150 children with 10 teachers. Some lessons were given, such as English, technology classes, character building, art classes, traditional dance, modern dance, rindik, as well as medical examination. Even the tuition, stationery, and other training aids were also given, with the purpose of the two pillars, which are education and health.


Ant Charity’s and Advan Indonesia’s hope is that Indonesian children have a better and decent place, an adequate cleanliness, to encourage the children to study diligently, so that they can achieve their goal in life. Thank you Advan Indonesia ....

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