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Increase children's learning interest at Ant Charity's Life Center in Dawung, Yogyakarta

Ant Charity invites children to join them on an adventure in the world of mathematics teaching and learning, from preschool to sixth grade elementary school. The children of Ant Charity are also learning about the world of languages in preparation for middle and high school classes. They learn to communicate more broadly and deeply, which opens up endless possibilities for the glorious future! One name has remained an inseparable part of Ant Charity's every step and journey: Sinta Sekar Arum, a dedicated student in class XII at SMK Negeri 1 Gantiwarno. Sinta's educational journey has been colorful at Ant Charity, which has been a place to learn and grow together since she received education at the early childhood level until now, at the age of 17. Ant Charity is more than just a place to learn; it is also a family where the children can experience boundless warmth and friendship. Ant Charity continues to support and share knowledge with pleasure on a daily basis.

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