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Internet installation at the Dawung Life Center, Jogjakarta September 17th, 2020

Looking at the conditions the world this time facing, because of the COVID-19 pandemic many things have changed. Many parents in Dawung do not work and it is very difficult for them to earn income to meet the needs of their families, and for the children, because the activities at the school are all online, school children also have to learn online. Some obstacles have to also be faced during the online learning.

The remote location of the Dawung area makes the internet network not well received. Many kids in Dawung have problems because the access to the internet is very difficult to get. There is a gratitude in this situation, we are very grateful to the donors, Mr. Tarno and the team who wholeheartedly help the kids at Dawung's Life Center by giving donations for installing WIFI so that they can get an internet access.

Likewise, with gadgets, the kids often have trouble where the cellphones they use for studying are often slow because of the small memory capacity of the cellphones, which is inadequate for the applications used in online learning. We are very grateful to donors, Mr. Robby Chandra and Mr. Wiyoko and their very generous team and donated 5 Xiomi A9 cellphones for the needs of the kids at the Dawung Life Center Yogyakarta.

We are very grateful and thank for the donations given so that the children can be helped in the need of internet and gadgets to facilitate their learning and can ease the burden on their parents. Thank you to the donors and Ant Charity for the care and blessings for the children in Dawung. Many prayers and hopes that the donors will be increasingly blessed to be a blessing to those in need.

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