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Jakarta teacher

Despite their hectic schedules, the volunteer teachers found time on Wednesday, April 5, 2023 to participate in online teacher training led by Ms. Selvie Novayanti. Volunteer teachers are given a brief overview of the curriculum that will be used to teach the children of Ant Charity as part of the English Saturday Club program in Jakarta. This curriculum complements the existing curriculum. The curriculum includes many supplements, such as audios, songs, videos, teaching aids, and practice materials. These will be beneficial to children of Ant Charity who are learning English and will increase their enthusiasm for engaging in interactive learning.
The volunteer teachers who participate in this training also receive instruction on how to begin, conduct, and end a class.
We anticipate that this training will be beneficial and add to the knowledge of children of Ant Charity learning as well as volunteer teachers teaching and giving their best.
Keep up the good work, volunter teachers!

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