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Hello friends, let's participate in the Antcharity Foundation's Learning Program donation, by helping them with only 100 thousand rupiahs to support their learning activities.
Your Donation, as donors, is hope for their future. Anything that can support learning activities for the Childrens at @antcharity, please contact the Antcharity Foundation
via DM/WA to 0812-8328-2077 or you can directly transfer to the account:

Bank Mandiri 119-00-1108201-1
A/n Ant Charity Indonesia Foundation
(add a unique code "9" behind the nominal transfer, for example Rp. 100,009)

Any amount of donations you give will be very meaningful to educate the foster children of Antcharity Foundation.

Together with Anya Dwinov, Frans Nicholas, Eveline Ong and Agustin Ramli, "Let's donate to the Antcharity Childrens study program"

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