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New Academic Year Party is a celebration for a class rise Ant target younger sister Charity. Precisely Saturday, July 23, 2016 11:00 am Ant Charity held a New Academic Year Party, this time carried on in Jakarta, the event contains leadership training. Brother-sister Charity Ant trained to recognize a wide range of professions, such as tailors, doctors, nurses, cooks, architects, journalists, baby sitter. The purpose of this traning is to provide work experience, understand the various types of work, and develop their future goals ant sister charity

Then, after the end of the event the brothers given stationery containing exercise books, picture books, pens, colored pencils, pencils and erasers. With very enthusiastic brother and sister joined the event this acaara can work well for their cooperation and assistance with donors and volunteers. "Thanks to Ant Charity brothers who have helped us, said one foster sister.

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