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Rousing, cheerful, happy, and blissful was looked in the children's face located at Bali Tojan and Sanur Life Centre, when they celebrate NAYP on Monday July 29th 2018. The excitement of NAYP was filled with various children's performance, such as dancing, singing, and poetry reading.

Beside that, NAYP was also held various competition such as spelling bee competition, traditional dance competition, and poetry reading competition.  The Ant Charity Founder, Agustin Ramli, was also present in NAYP,  accompanied by Mr. Samudera as the Head of Health whose also the jury for all the competitions. The children's performance was become something that we can proud of, they performed the best. All the children in Tojan and Sanur Life Center are all very talented.  

The cheerful and happiness was also felt when they distribute the school bag and stationery gift package, so they can study with more enthusiasm. Thank you to all the donation and all the people that have shared the cheerfulness to the foster children in Tojan and Sanur Bali Life centre.

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