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Stepping together at Ant Charity

In joining them at Life Center Ant Charity Jakarta, we must act responsibly. Moreover, when we met them, laughter of happiness radiated on their faces. Sis Selvie and Sis Henry gave a Phonics Sound learning session from the A-Z letters to the younger students. Their enthusiasm is very high, so the learning agenda becomes lively and happy.

Sis Selvie also teaches her younger siblings to increase their creativity. By using the Letter Calendar as a learning medium, children feel happy. They can learn about letters and directly experience the sound when pronouncing the letters.

Here, Ant Charity wants to always accompany them in their growth and development. Moreover, from an economic perspective, their parents still need attention. So now Ant Charity wants to help make it easier for younger students to study to achieve their dreams in the future. The hope is that you will become successful people and be useful to many people. Come join us to make their dreams come true.

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