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The importance of keeping yourself safe and healthy

On 31 May 2017 Ant Kids Bali held hygiene counseling in Gilimanuk and Banyuwedang with the topic of Clean and Healthy Living Pattern presented by Samudra Safera. In addition, we provide sex education counseling for Tojan (7 June 2017) and Sanur (May 30, 2017) delivered by PKBI - KISARA community.

The event went smoothly, as many as about 100 children of Ant Charity attended the counseling with the help of volunteers. In this counseling, they were taught how to keep themselves safe. The children looked happy when they were taught by Samudra and volunteers from PKBI - KISARA community and now they've known how to keep themselves safe and healthy.

Hi my samoedra I am the Head of Health Department Ant Charity. I have visited the life centers in Bali to provide early sex education. Indeed this was something that was not common but having seen the high level of child sexual abuse, I felt responsible for prevention. One of the preventive measures was to have early sex education. I thank Susan as Repsentative Ant Charity in Bali who has arranged the event well. Thank you PKBI - KISARA community for providing a good and very interesting counseling.

With songs and also pictures, the children and parents who early were so taboo with reproductive health, at the end become more open minded, at least they know better how to take care of themselves. In addition to that which made me touched, glad, happy, and grateful was the program of feeding Ant Charity has remarkably developed. All the children are now healthy and there was no indication of having malnutrition. Although it is not maximal yet but the better changes are there and real!

They are also now aware to maintain cleanliness. There were only a few children whose nails were rather dirty and long but from hundreds of children only a few children who had to nail clipped in place.
Thanks for the volunteers and donors. You are the real angesl! Without your prayers and material supports that you have given, it would be hard for Ant Charity to be there and continue to exist until this moment! Because of you, the future of these children become bright... because you have brought the light to the kids !!!
Beyond blessed,
Samoedra Safera
Head of Health Department

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