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The Role of Ant Charity in Tourism Development in Tojan Village, Bali

Tojan Village in Gianyar, Bali has prepared itself to become a tourist village. Local communities in the village worked together to clean up important locations in the village, and started making films about exploring the village. Ant Charity Tojan Life Center, which is located in Tojan Village, is also one of those involved in this activity. Some of the Ant Charity students participated by being in a dancer team. In the process of video taking, likewise, the Life Center became one of the promoted locations where the guests stopped at that time. There, the students at the Life Center taught the guests some Balinese dances, and it seemed that the guests enjoyed it very much. We hope that Tojan Life Center as one of the locations and its involvement of the students of Ant Charity will be a part of Ant Charity's support in promoting Tojan to the wider community. Ant Charity will always give its supports of any environment programs in Tojan Village.

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