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Tojan and Dawung Life Center Activities

Hi ant friends, the most beautiful thing is when you can be together with close friends, especially with interesting and useful activities, of course it will be better. On Sunday activities at the Tojan Life Center there is an English learning class, the middle-high school class is really interesting, of course. Moreover, it opens with simple games, and continues with learning activities that build communication with each other in different ways, of course interesting and creative classes

Meanwhile, the activities at the Dawung Life Center on weekends are studying together. On Saturday, the children did a joint activity, namely creativity about making woven paper, the activity was attended by 4, 5 and 6 elementary school students and they were very excited to make the wicker. The children are still enthusiastic and creative when they are on school holidays.

How about other ant friends, are you still active and creative even on weekends


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