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WeCare Charity Group Activities Life Center Jakarta

Hi friends, on Saturday, August 13, 2022, WeCare Charity Group invited the kids at Life Center Jakarta to celebratetheir 12th birthday with 1000 other children. The event, held at Scientia Square Park, Gading Serpong, was lively. Thechildren really enjoyed the program as there were magic shows and bands. The kids were getting more excitedbecause they were also invited to tour the mini zoo, where they could see, feed, and even see animal attractions.Even though the weather was hot, the kids really enjoyed the event after the event. The event ended with a groupphotosessionandthedistributionofgoodiebagsandredpackets.

Thank you, WeCare Charity Group, for the blessing for the Ant Charity Life Center Jakarta kids. May you be moreblessedandcontinuetobeachannelofblessingforthoseinneed.

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