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Welcome to the Ant Charity Jakarta New Academic Year Party (NAYP) 2023!

Ant Charity's children celebrated the New Academic Year Party (NAYP) 2023 with great joy at the Life Center in Jakarta, with the arrival of a special guest, Emily, a donor on vacation in Indonesia from the United States, who also celebrated this special event with your foster children. Ant Charity's children were so eager to learn arts and crafts that Emily taught them how to make bracelets and necklaces and also gave away bags and stationery to all children to encourage them to be enthusiastic about learning. Not to mention, the children are enthusiastic, diligent, and focused on every lesson, especially the new experiences they have each week learning English using the Phonics teaching method. Thank you to all of the donors and teacher volunteers who have contributed to the children's success. Good luck with the new school year, Jakarta children. They will have a year filled with accomplishments and joy. All the best to all the children!

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