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Distribution of School Kit

We do a regular school kit distribution program once a year, usually together with another program, like New Year Academic Party. Through this program, Ant Charity hopes to increase childrens enthusiasm for learning and support them to succeed in school.


Shoes Distribution with Langkah Kasih 

We have a routine program with Langkah Kasih organization to distribute shoes for Ant Charity foster children every year.


Mini Library is one of the new programs in Ant Charity, currently operating in Bali, particularly in Tojan village, Blahbatu Gianyar. Mini Library aims to give the children a chance to expand and improve their knowledge through reading.


All of the books in Mini Library cover practical daily life with interesting pictures. The books seek to make children aware that reading is important. We hope they can develop a culture of reading as a habit. 


The system of Mini Library itself can train the children to be more responsible because they will be the librarian. If they would like to borrow a book, they need to give a deposit of Rp. 2.000. The deposit will be returned in full when they return the book. Volunteers arent the only ones involved in the Mini Library, but also the children are also participate in its operation.


We hope this program can be implemented soon in other areas.


The art classes are based on the culture of each region. In Jakarta we have angklung class, in Central Java we have painting classes, and in Bali we have dance class and music class for the Balinese music instrument, rindik


New Year Academic Party

New Year Academic Party is held once a year. It is usually held together with workshop, art competition and distribution of school equipment to start the new school year. In this New Year Academic Party, the children get awards for high academic achievement, being the most diligent student, and other achievements.


Training for Teachers

The power of Ant Charity programs is from people contributing their time for the children. The programs supported are tutoring program, English and art classes. To improve program quality, we regularly have training at least once a year. The training material usually covers a subject that they teach to our children as well as knowledge about teamwork or child psychology, and other supporting materials.


Training for Volunteers

Ant Charity realizes having volunteers in each region is very important for the success of our programs and the development of our foster children. Hence, we routinely conduct training activities for our volunteers in each region. There are so many activities and they are highly varied, depending on the needs of volunteers of each region.


Volunteer Gathering

Besides training, our volunteers have strengthened their solidarity in volunteer gatherings. In this activity, Jakarta staff usually come to conduct training and also have fun discussions with them. We hope to improve the quality programs for our foster children gets better, in order to achieve maximum results.


Introduction of Ant Charity

We introduce Ant Charity there are volunteer or donor candidates. We do this program routinely everyone who will be involved in Ant Charities programs can have the same missions and visions to achieve the same goals.


Medical Check Up

Ant Charity really cares about the health of our foster children in all regions. Therefore, we have a Medical Check Up program. We have doctors checking their height, weight, and their general health. When we find our foster children being ill, we will immediately sponsor the treatment, by sponsoring their medicines or their hospital in-patient care.


In one instance, we found many of our foster children in Jakarta were infected by a Tuberculosis infection after a medical check up. Then Ant Charity staff immediately took them and their parents to a government-run hospital to have medical treatment for Tuberculosis.


Aside from that, our foster children in Poso were directly given medicines by doctors when they were detected having skin diseases.

Body and Dental Hygiene Counseling

Prevention is better than cure. Many studies have proved that bodily and dental hygiene can reduce the risk of diseases caused by unhygienic environment.


We educate the children on the 5 steps of hand-washing and how to trim their nails. For children living in rural areas, we also educate them on how to wash hair and take a shower.


Ant Charity does not only provide counseling but also hand-washing facilities. Our staff help to monitor their children’s bodily and dental hygiene.


The Anthelmintic Providing

This program is regularly held together with Medical Check Up in each region once a year.


Good news for Bali is that Ant Charity is cooperating with Udayana University and Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) Bali-region for our Medical Check Up Program and Anthelmintic Providing Program. We hope for similar cooperation in other regions.


Clean Water Program

This program is especially held in Dawung Village, Gunung Kidul, Central of Java.


Usually in dry seasons, the majority of Dawung village, people run out of water. Therefore Ant Charity helps to provide clean water to fulfill their needs.


Body Hygiene Kit Distribution

This program is held together with Body and Dental Hygiene Counseling. Ant Charity hopes the children will routinely maintain personal hygiene habits for their quality of life. Ant Charity also donates more than once a year depending on the children hygiene needs.


Ant Charity has several programs in educational sector to help the children.


The programs are:


English Saturday Club (ESC)

English Saturday/Sunday Club Program Club or ESC is held once a week. Our teachers are professional volunteers and college students from various backgrounds with the same purpose: to improve our foster childrens education especially English. ESC curriculum was specially made for children who are not familiar with a foreign language and also with interesting activities such as play props and educational ESC games. Why do we choose English? The era of globalization defines English as a very important skill. For children from poor economic backgrounds, studying English is just a dream that cannot be realized by their family. So that it becomes our volunteers’ challenge to change our next generation.


Tutoring Program

This program is given to Ant Charity foster children who have difficulty in school. The starts from elementary school until senior high school depending on their needs and conditions in each region. The tutoring is normally given 1-2 times a week as needed.


Leadership Training

This training is aimed for Ant Charity foster children of every region once a year. We hope this training can make children strong in leadership skills.


Ant Charity provides 4 healthy food groups and milk for malnourished children. Seeing the importance of health for children’s development, Ant Charity runs this program consistently. This healthy food program is held 1 to 2 times a week, depending on the children needs in each Ant Charity foster care area. As a result, what we have done so far is successful. The children who were emaciated and often get sick improved in terms of health and school attendance. Their academic performance improved as well. The children used to hate milk and vegetables, now both of those foods became their favorite. This program positively influences both children and their parents. Parents begin to understand the importance of providing nutritious and healthy food for children.


Quality fresh milk is key to healthy development. It contains natural and essential nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Mixed with sugar and other raw materials such as cocoa powder and fruit extract, milk becomes a complete meal. The process of making fresh milk uses a very high temperature in a short time to eliminate germs but not its vitamins. If we compare the children in Indonesia and Netherlands; Dutch children are generally taller. One of the causes is that Dutch children drink fresh milk regularly they can grow optimally. To provide and maximize nutrition for our foster children, we give them fresh milk once a week. The children always happily look forward to milk-distribution days. Therefore, we invite you to join us to provide a milk for them. We accept assistance in form of UHT milk cartons or financial assistance which will be used to support this program. Let’s partner with us to give them fresh milk.


English Saturday/Sunday Club Program Club or ESC is held once a week. Our teachers are professional volunteers and college students from various backgrounds with the same purpose: to improve our foster childrens education especially English. ESC curriculum was specially made for children who are not familiar with a foreign language and also with interesting activities such as play props and educational ESC games. Why do we choose English? The era of globalization defines English as a very important skill. For children from poor economic backgrounds, studying English is just a dream that cannot be realized by their family. So that it becomes our volunteerschallenge to change our next generation.



Hair lice is a small parasite found in the human head and is capable of sucking blood in the head. And can also lay eggs in the head, hair lice eggs are usually found in the hair close to the scalp. Surely we all know that these hair lice are very disturbing. In addition to causing health problems, these hair lice also cause discomfort and lack of confidence.


The emergence of lice and eggs in the hair is not merely present, but the appearance of ticks can be caused by various factors. As for some causes of the emergence of ticks such as: The use of a comb: a comb that you use the former lice sufferers indirectly will make the lice eggs stick in your hair. After approximately 8 days the egg lice will hatch and cause the appearance of hair lice. The use of towels: Although most towels are used for the body but if you use a towel from the sufferer kutuan, then it could be contagious to your hair. Rarely take care of hair: lack of maintaining hair hygiene such as shampooing, maintenance, and so on can lead to the appearance of lice. There are still many other objects that cause the appearance of lice on the scalp, such as the patient's hijab, hat, and much more.


We can not underestimate the problem of hair lice, because the hair lice can jump and move from our heads to the heads of others. That way the hair lice can spread the people around us especially those close to us, the family. School-age children are usually the most vulnerable to hair ticks. Consciously or not children are infected through their environment, whether it be family, school or in the environment where they play. Hair lice not only cause itching but will result in a decrease in self-confidence, sleep disorders, and even decreased its academic value. Those exposed to hair lice often get unpleasant reactions from others.


For that Ant Charity invites us all to help families, especially children to be free from the problem of hair lice. There are 500 families in remote areas (Dawung Village, Tojan Village, Sanur, Gilimanuk and Tanah Merah North Jakarta) which we will help to free the lice. By donating Rp 150.000, - per package of flea medical treatment, you have helped one family free from the problem of hair lice. Therefore let's create a healthy, clean, and louse-free Indonesian family. Your help will definitely mean a lot to them.


“Let’s Take Action” Click on the link below:


Childrens of Antcharity Foundation are very happy to be able to do online learning activities with Dell every weekend. Dell is a multinational foreign company from America, which mainly operates in computer technology. In addition, Dell also provides additional classes to learn English with volunteer teachers via zoom.

Wow, it's really nice to get sponsors and volunteer teachers from Dell. The childrens were also very enthusiastic in taking their first zoom class to learn English with Dell last week. Hopefully in the future this program will continue to run smoothly.

Women play many important roles in society. One of them is to build the main foundation of character and knowledge for the nation's childrens and future leaders. Women move forward from time to time by carrying out women's emancipation. I am very grateful that the Antcharity Foundation is filled with great women who, with sincere hearts, are willing to become volunteer teacher for foster childrens.
Their services has a big impact in the intellectual development of the childrens in Antcharity Foundation's . And their noble reason about why they are willing to devote their time, mind and energy sincerely as a volunteer and is not everyone can do it. For the foster childrens of Antcharity these women are unsung heroes.

The face-to-face class which is held every weekend in Tojan and is divided into several groups because the number of foster children's is quite many.
Each week the class is divided into three groups. The first group were attended by 1st, 2nd and 3rd elementary grades in English class. The second group was attend by grades 4th,5th & 6th grades also for English classes. These two elementary school groups learned about direction in English and continued with group games. The third class was attended by junior and senior high school students, in that class they learned by practicing their speaking skills in English by doing presentations. They also do it with enthusiasm with sister @domiyabarmase as they teacher.
so Let's continue to support the activities of the children in all of our other donation programs


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