Sponsor A Child

aNt Charity is inspired by ants who diligently work and synergize together in prosperity, aNt Charity has the visions and missions for providing the education and health services for unlucky children, the children who live in slums area, scavenger children, garbage children, the son of poor farmers, and the others.


aNt Charity will create the changes for Indonesia to help the next generation shine for Indonesia or for the world.

My Name is
Theresia Tri Stevfani
Theresia Tri Stevfani
About Me
Hometown : Jogja-Gunng Kidul
Gender : Famale
Date of birth : Klaten, October 28, 2014
Grade : 2nd Elementary School
School : SDN Belang
The Ideals Of : Teacher
Hobby : Play and Sing


Theresia is the third of three siblings. Living in a remote village in the Klaten area, Gunung Kidul. Theresia is a shy and diligent child and her goal is to become a teacher

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