Ni Kadek Fenny Indriyantari

My Name is Ni Kadek Fenny Indriyantari, I come from life center Sanur, Bali.


I follow Ant Charity for about 4 years. In charity I was taught many things about discipline, lessons, attitudes, and many other positive things. The message of his impression, since I joined ant charity I feel very helpful at all in terms of cost, attitude, etc. I am very grateful to Ant Charity for helping me to this day.


Galuh Hapsari

Galuh Hapsari, Graphic Design Volunteer


Even though I’m always behind the scenes and not to teaching the children directly

or plunging into to the remote rural areas, I can feel the enthusiasm, the dedication of the volunteers, and donors who endevaor to fully help the foster children; particularly in the fields of health and education. The children are very motivated to continue to learn to reach their goals and dreams.


We don’t have to wait to be rich to help others in need. I learned this very clearly in Ant Charity. With sincerity and ability we have, we can share joy with others.


I hope Ant Charity is always consistent and blessed for the sake of Indonesian children to be healthy, and smart, so that they know where to take themselves according to their interests and their goals.


I hope my little act of charity thing can to bring happiness to all.



When I think back on my own childhood, I have treasured beautiful  memories of how grateful I was as a child to be able to go to various fun and adventurous places like the zoo or simply enjoy the merry-go-round ride where other child less fortunate and was not being able to do fun activities or simply to get what they need for school.
We, Ant Charity want to give our children the richest childhood experience. We are here to help to make it happen. Every donation is a blessing for every child who benefit from it.


Bring light to the kids is the slogan ant charity, i am grateful to be able to take part in the humanitarian program ant charity. That our lives bring light or change for childern that we nurture, until the found the bright day a head.

Lai sin tju

Ant charity is a place, where i can channel the desire to help people who need help.
Joined  with ant charity is calling from my heart, because i'm happy if they can be involved directly help childern, especially in health. They smile is the greatest happiness for me.

Olli Fraenkel

Testimony Olli Fraenkel (Germany)


I attended the Ant Charity event on 24th February 2013 and really enjoyed the day. The event was set up proper— the budget had been turned to good account, and there was a brilliant team work by local people and expats. It showed that there are no boundaries when it comes to social work. In the end only the result matters.........HAPPY KIDS

Kak Bonbon

Bonbon – VolunteersGathering


One word : Awesome! I'm happy to meet new people who having high social calling in life. I met Ant Charity founder. I think I need to keep learning from Ant Charity's volunteers because they are amazing.


There was a private hotel arranged for us, the food was delicious, the weather was really good, and it was right time to have a barbecue party. The games were also great. Then, I met my two twins: Sam and Donny LOL :P 


Keep Succeeding, Ant Charity!

Dyah Rooslina

Vice Dean 3 Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Mahendradata, Bali


Activities and programs done by Ant Charity are really useful for (unfortunate) children in Indonesia because it includes education, health, and even art and cultural preservation in their regions. All of the activities like personal hygiene counseling, medical check up, leadership training in the form of mini library games, and also tutoring will improve their knowledge. These activities also create a process to have a next generation who are healthy, strong, and have high-quality of both knowledge and moral aspects. Hopefully all of Ant Charity's activities can cover more areas to decrease poverty in Indonesia. Hopefully there will be many volunteers who can ne involved in these activities to help the children. And finally, I hope the government can be more concerned about this problem to decrease poverty in Indonesia.

Louisa Kusnandar

Louisa Kusnandar Testimonial


Im glad I can meet the children from Kampung Kandang every week to teach. They are always cheerful and enthusiastic to learn English though our classroom is really limited, just having a carpet and fan. But, if they really want to learn, of course it would be an inspiration for us. English is an international language. Children benefit from the lesson because they can start talking in English.


Its a privilege for us to take part in their future!

Carlo Tamba

Personal Trainer/Bootcamp Instructor - Master Bootcamp


"Teaching the (Ant Charity) kids has been (and will always be) a truly humbling experience. They all have the potential to be our great leaders. I take joy and pride in knowing that I have contributed even just a little bit in their bright future through the English classes I teach. Learning & laughing with them are so fun! I pray that Ant Charity will continue to be the source of strong supports for the (unfortunate) kids in Indonesia."



Mangku Undiana

Mangku Undiana Testimonial (Bali Coordinator)


Ant Charity is really a foundation that totally help poor children. Since I joined, I really feel so proud because I can help the children, because I have felt how hard it is to pay school fees. I wish Ant Charity could help more Indonesian children.


Long live Ant Charity!


PIC Jogja


During a year I joined Ant Charity, I saw that the foundation really help children from Dawung. The scholarship given to them is really helpful in lightening their parents load for paying school fees. It also helps students’ essential needs like school supply.


With its tutoring in Dawung, the children have a place to study besides at school. We can study in our house, in the yard, in the village roads, and other places that they cannot find at school. For me it was the happiest chance for me to be an Ant Charity teacher. During this time I saw there were so many changes of Dawungs children. Most of them are step by step having a confident, more brave and cheerful. Though their academic achievement is not really good but I realize something that there was a great potential inside them.


There meaningful thinf for Dawungs people is Ant Charity’s concern for pre-school kids in Dawung. According to pre-school teachers (that worked for several years work without pay), Ant Charity support for pre-school gave a new motivation not only for children but also for all teachers and their parents.


Thank you for Ant Charity who has been a place for spreading a lot of love. I hope what they do would bring a positive effect for the wonderful children in this country and also bring the happiness for all Ant Charity staff. And I hope these underprivileged children could learn to be better.


Thank you Ant Charity


God bless you



Bayu Gutama Testimonial PIC Ant Charity Palu-Poso :


With Ant Charity being in Palu – Poso, Central Sulawesi, especially in Dongi-Dongi and Topesino Village for almost a year,  we were given so many solution, happiness, and real act  of hope for children in those areas. In effect, they are more enthusiastic to go to school, physically healthy, and also are more optimal, brave and open-minded to express their dreams through the programs created by Ant Charity Indonesia. My wish to Ant Charity would be to keep working and become an initiator place or innovator that would benefit Indonesian children either in slum areas or another cities in Indonesia.


Keep your dedication & keep being successful Ant Charity Indonesia


Nosmin – Foster Children – Poso:


My name is NOSMIN, I come from Topesino, Mantikole Sigi Palu, I am very happy with Ant Charity in our village. Even though this year I have graduated from Primary School, I was so helped through school supplies and nutritious food Ant Charity had provided to us. I promise I will go to school diligently. Thank you Ant Charity, God bless you.


I am very happy because Ant Charity helps me so that I get so many good things. First, I get more knowledge. Second, I can easily understand the lesson that I didn’t understand. Third, I can ask for help with my difficult homework or else. I got an incredible experience because Ant Charity has courses in Dawung so I can make more new friends, just like the teachers that teach me in the course, so I go to the course every Saturday.

Thank you Ant Charity.



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